About Us

We are a team of proactive professionals driven by the urge to craft, develop and strategize diversified sales and marketing campaigns with higher than usual market penetration rates. Being a one stop media agency, our team always strives to deliver maximum media outreach solutions to cater to the needs and demands of our clients. Here at Ballad Sales, with professionals over 30 years of sales experience across various verticals like print, digital, outdoor, electronic media and more, we offer sales services to selected clients who want to outsource the sales division. Our approach is creative, conceptual, targeted and result oriented. With a database of over 10,000 clients across the globe, we can effectively sell your media to both domestic and international clients across the categories like corporate, retail, government and more.​

Our Approach

When you work with Ballad Sales, you are hiring a seasoned team of sales and marketing professionals.

We Plan a pragmatic strategy to build a modern sales and marketing system for quick traction and sustained, predictable growth. We Build your sales revenue engine faster, at a lower cost. We Convert your first leads to revenue. We Scale your sales automation revenue engine.

All we need is a brief, we will do the rest:


Audit and analyze your product’s positioning from a strategic perspective.


Acquire a deep knowledge of your company’s product and it’s marketing objectives as well as your industry’s information needs.


Implement and maintain processes to create compelling steps that delivers results

Results & Measurement:

Produce top-notch deliverables and regularly measure the results of your sales initiatives.

Post analysis:

Basis results, recommend additional sales-driven initiatives to further benefit your audience and drive revenue.

Why Us:

With our expertise, we help you build a repeatable sales and marketing process by putting real opportunities in your closers pipe and to help accelerate your sales cycles.

Let's explore what else do you get:

Revenue + Content

We develop and manage sales programs. Everything from identifying key prospects to determining opportunities and call frequencies. We apply the same creativity to sales as we do to content, creating packages to sell across all the platforms and finding revenue in high value opportunities at minimal cost.

Marketing Partner

We act as an advisor to your sales and marketing department, helping them reach your company’s sales objectives. That said, for some of our clients, we do handle all of their communication needs, serving as their entire marketing department.

Consistent Process & Quantifiable Result

In Ballad Sales, our processes are fully documented, followed consistently and ensuring each project’s timelines and success. After all this, if you don’t get quantifiable data about results, how do you know it’s effective without measurability.

Smart Spending

We rely on a combination of long term association with clients and we use a variety of smart strategies and technologies, all of which helps us minimize costs which in turn gives better prices for you.

30 Years of Experience in Sales All over the Globe

We help people effectively fight their offenders back and successfully defend their own stand!

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